by Mike Clancy, Proud Navy Vet Volunteer, PHW

      Again this year, the annual 2 Fly PHW event took place on The Yakima River with headquarters at the KOA camp grounds in Ellensburg, WA. on Saturday, September 8th. Chuck Tye, PHW coordinator for the NW, (Past President of PSFF) put 22 guided boats (all guides were volunteers) on the river from different launches.  Each boat had a vet, rower/referee and volunteer. Fishing could have been better, (of course) out of the 22 boats, one boat had a fantastic day, catching around 19 fish, the Vets had a great experience on the river with super weather.  No smoke, no wind, the river level was okay, just a beautiful day. The winning vet landed a 19” trout and he was presented with a custom made bamboo rod. The evening event was started by a wonderful dinner of prime rib with trimmings, cooked all day long in a smoker oven, prepared by Chuck’s partner, Jerry Daschofsky. Jerry does an incredible job in preparing wonderful meals in his metal cooking wares.  Then he presented 3 different delicious deserts. Jerry also prepared meals for those that attended Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning.  Yum – biscuits and gravy.

Chuck proceeded to present the awards and then Jerry conducted the raffle, everyone took something home.  This is a wonderful event, the goal is to entertain our vets and give them the experience to fly fish, maybe for their first time. 

There are so many people to thank for their participation in this event, not only the guides that donated their boats, the cooks, the folks that tied the flies for the event, the referees, the folks that donated items for the awards and raffle, the folks that shuttled all 22 vehicles from put in to take out.  




The annual 2 Fly Event for next year, will be conducted in September 2019.  Same place, KOA Ellensburg, WA.

In the great words of our leader – “Thanks for piling on folks”