Mike Clancy

  I retired in 2000 and decided to take up fly fishing. I have fished since a little guy of 7-8 years old. I went to the Puyallup Sportsman Show in 2000, expecting to learn about organizations related to fly fishing, I overheard Bob Shirley and Larry Gibbs talking to Arny Gidlow (Arny is a guide on the Missouri River) about the Puget Sound Fly Fishers in Tacoma. Well, the rest is history, I have absolutely enjoyed our sport and relationships I have made from that day on. Bob was the President of PSFF at the time and he didn’t waste anytime getting me involved in the club. He was also President of the WSCIFFF in 2003 when he invited me to join the Board of the Council. Over the years I have been Secretary, Vice President (West) and presently the Government Affairs Chairman which I really enjoy. I pass on fly fishing/government information from WDFW and various other fishing organizations to all the IFFF club’s in Washington, including non IFFF Clubs, in addition to many interested individuals.


In 2009, I volunteered with the NW Youth Conservation and Fly Fishing Academy. 2010, I became co-director. Since 2010, we have graduated many boys and girls from The Academy. The Academy is a youth education project of WCTU and made possible with the help and support of WSCIFFF. I am very proud of The Academy and appreciate the support that we receive from the fly fishing community to make this week long event, a lifelong experience for the future fly fishers of our sport.


Phone: (360) 753-1259


Email: mtclancy39@comcast.net



Vern Jeremica

   In 1962 I saw then famous fly casting great, Jim Green, fishing for shad below Nimbus Dam on the American River east of Sacramento, California. At that point in time, I had never seen anyone cast a fly as well or as far. I was hooked, landed, and never to be released. Soon thereafter I bought my first fly rod with money earned from mowing lawns. I have been fly fishing and fly tying ever since. I initially joined California Fly Fisherman Unlimited in Sacramento with the idea of becoming a better fly fisher. I can still smell the fragrant smoke of pipe and cigar heavy in the room populated with men wearing formal sporting or business attire, speaking of big and large numbers of fish from recent trips, but rarely sharing a word on what fly they used or where they fished. Stepping into this club as their youngest member I was intimidated. However, attending my first meeting I met two noteable characters, Dr. Stan Inoyue and Mr. Art Rathbun, who I will never forget. These kind souls took me under their wing and encouraged and mentored me. Stan with only positive comments, critiqued my Perrine fly box stuffed with my recent creations. Art encouraged me to improve my casting and to participate in teaching at our clubs fly casting clinics that were put on during spring and summer meetings. Art was only a fair caster, but a great fisherman, and a wonderful and encouraging teacher and mentor. What I learned from these genuine and sharing sportsmen was that it was all about giving and encouragement. The sporting life of fly fishing gave me so much that it wasn’t long before I realized it was my turn to give back to fly fishing. I have been a member of many fly fishing clubs since 1968 including: CFFU, California Fly Fisherman, in Sacramento, Puget Sound Anglers, and the Overlake Fly Club in the Seattle area, the Seattle Casting Club, the FFF Fly Tying Group, the Bend Casting Club, and the Northwest Atlantic Salmon Fly Guild in Issaquah. I have actively supported the Oregon Council Fly Fishing Expositions in Eugene and Albany since the early 90’s and the Washington FFF since the late 80’s and the Washington FFF Council Fly Fishing Fair since its inception. I have been on the Washington Council of the FFF for three terms and yearly look forward to attending and participating at the national FFF conclave/fair. I love all aspects of fly fishing. I have had the opportunity to fish in Iceland, Australia, Diego Garcia, New Zealand, Mexico and 13 states including Alaska. My top choices of species to angle for include any anadromous species that swims, and any saltwater fish that will grab a fly. I won’t however pass up a chance to catch a bluegill or a crappie on a fly. I love tying everything from tiny midge patterns, deer hair bombers, to classic Atlantic salmon fly patterns. I enjoy all aspects of fly casting including competitive fly casting and fly fishing. Bringing new fly fishers to our sport, no matter what age, as well as sharing with others everything I know about fly fishing is a creed that I live and follow. As I continue to give, I am amazed at the blessing that I receive from my participation with the FFF, especially the people who share my passion for fly fishing. I firmly believe that the act of fly fishing, in many ways has defined who I am!  


Phone: (206) 251-2898

Email: Vern@jeremica.com



Kuni Masuda

  Kuni 36 years of fly fishing experience and is a member of World Fly Fishing Japan, IFFF and Clark-Skamania Flyfishers in Vancouver, Washington. He participated in the 2012 World Fly Fishing Championship in Slovenia. He was invited to compete as a member of Team Japan and a manager of the team.He joined one of the finest handcrafted and high performance rod makers, C.F. Burkheimer as a pro-staff in 2011. He has been invited to become a pro-staff  for Wastatch Custom Angling as a demo tier.


   Currently he is a member of the IFFF Board of Directors who is responsible for international outreach and member of the Fly Fishing Museum steering committee in Livingston, MT as well as a demo fly tier for their fly fishing events. Over the years he’s fished in Alaska, Europe, Canada, Mexico, Japan as well as widely in the Northwestern U.S. 

  Besides being a director of the Clark-Skamania Fly Fishers, he got involved and committed to the education, conservation, promotion of fly fishing as a method of angling. And through it, an understanding of and appreciation for the diversity of nature. He manages the Fly Tyers’ Night every 2nd Wednesday of each month at the WDFW for the last 4 years.


Phone: (360) 573-3310

Email:  klmasuda@yahoo.com



Larry Gibbs

I am the Vendor Coordinator for the WSC Fly Fishing Fair held in Ellensburg.  I am a Director At Large on the Board of Directors for the Washington State Council.  I joined the Board of Directors in the very early 2000’s and have held the positions of Director at Large, Treasurer and Secretary and Auction Coordinator.

I am also a Life member of the FFI. I belong to the FFI President’s Club and I am a life member of the FFI Fly Tying Group. I am a past member of the FFI Board of Directors.  I was the FFI auction coordinator for five years.

I am the president and newsletter editor of the Alpine Fly Fishers Club, which is a FFI Charter Club located in Puyallup, WA. I am a retired law enforcement officer.

I am an all waters fly fisher but I prefer to fish for trout and smallmouth bass in the rivers of western Montana and eastern Washington.  I fish with both graphite and bamboo fly rods.


Phone: (253) 863-4910

Email: flytier015@q.com


Pat Peterman

  Pat Peterman has served on the Board of the Washington State Council FFF since 2000 . He is a Master Certified Casting Instructor with the Federation of Fly Fishers (FFF) and is the Washington Continuing Education coordinator for that body. He serves on the Strategic Planning Committee for the FFF Casting Board of Governors. Pat instructs and demonstrates fly casting at regional and national fly fishing conclaves and fairs and at numerous club events regionally. He has served in Seattle area fly fishing clubs (Washington Fly Fishing Club and Overlake Fly Fishing Club) holding several offices including President and Board of Directors for both clubs. Fly Fishing lakes, Rivers and the Sound are passions for him as well as teaching and helping others to enjoy the sport. Late fall he is often more reachable on the Clearwater or Snake or Grande Ronde or the Olympic Peninsula than in Seattle. Maybe a bit of a steelhead junkie? 



Phone: (425) 503-5979

Email:   patpeterman@gmail.com



Jay Woodward

    Jay has been Life member of FFF since 2009.  He is a member of Tualatin Valley Trout Unlimited group.  And has served as Deputy Area Coordinator for Project Healing Waters (Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA).  He’s been involved with PHW for last 5 years.  Jay is a VA Hospital Volunteer, Life member of the Disabled American Veterans and Retired National Service Officer Supervisor for the DAV.  He retired (medically) from the US Marine Corp after 13 years active service.


Phone: (360) 601-7275

Email:   jaywoodbury@hotmail.com




Robert Gerlach

   I am a retired general contractor living in Gig Harbor, Washington who has been angling the Pacific Northwest for over 30 years. The fly rod captured my attention 13 years ago, and I have picked up the gear rod only a few times since then. I studied for three years and became a Certified Casting Instructor at the WSCIFFF Fair in Ellensburg in 2013 and have been working on becoming a Master in the Art of Teaching for over 5 years now. I find just about as much pleasure throwing a perfect loop as I do hooking a great fish, well I said almost! I have been working with Northwest Youth Conservation and Fly Fishing Academy, Tacoma School of the Arts and SAMI teaching larger groups of young men and women the Art of Fly Casting as well as many smaller groups and individuals. I am constantly working on improving my ability to “COMMUNICATE AND DEMONSTRATE” good casting form as well as working with each individual and their particular casting Style! I am available for both group and private lessons, 253 377 1798.  It is an honor to serve on the Board of Directors of the Washington State Council of the International Federation of Fly Fishers and have a hand in “PASSING IT ON” to future generations.


Phone: (253) 377-1798

Email:   rwg@anewds.com




Len Zickler

Len Zickler, currently serves as President and CEO of the IFFF and Director at Large for the Washington Council of the IFFF. He is also a member of the Spokane Fly Fishers (SFF) and Inland Empire Fly Fishing Club. Len is a life member of the IFFF and Trout Unlimited (TU) and an IFFF Certified Casting Instructor.

Len and his wife Dawn moved back to his hometown Spokane in 2008. Len currently leads the SFF casting program as a part of the Club’s annual fly fishing school. Len served the IFFF as the local coordinator for the 2012 International Fly Fishing Fair in Spokane, WA.

Len is a retired principal and environmental planner with AHBL a planning and engineering firm based in Tacoma,WA. He is a recognized expert in the field of Low Impact Development (LID) – a technology intended to promote natural storm drainage management systems designed to insure the maintenance of clean, cold water for people and fish.

Len loves to fish rivers and streams of the region including the Clark Fork, Clearwater, St. Joe, Yakima, Upper Columbia, Klickitat, Methow, and the spring creeks of Eastern Washington.


Phone: (509) 465-4638

Email: ceo@fedflyfishers.org




 Gary Bevers

       I began fly tying around 1978 with lessons from Randall Kaufman.  I tied for my brother two years before learning to fly fish myself.  In 1988 I began tying Atlantic Salmon flies in a group that included Jon Strand, the Norwegian Atlantic Salmon tying champion, Joe Heddrick a North Carolina shop owner and guide and Don Jaegar a master rod builder.  We tied together for about a year, until Jon Strand returned to Norway.

Along the way I picked up tying lessons from Dave Whitlock, Donna Teeny, Alec Jackson, and many more excellent tiers.

In 1993 I finished in the top 10 in the Mustad Fly Tying competition in the “open” category.

In 1995 I quit tying for the next 12 years due to working 12 hours per day.  

In 2007 I took up tying and fly fishing again and in 2010 I joined The Atlantic Salmon Tying Guild to help improve my tying.  Since I joined the Guild I have taken lessons from Michael Redencich and tips from many other tiers that have improved my skills immensely.  The club is full of tiers who will readily share their tips and insight. 

I belong to the Cowlitz Fly Fishers, whom I represent on this team.  I also belong to the Clark Skamania Fly Fishers.

I teach fur and feather dyeing, wood bending and net making for the clubs.

Phone: (360) 270-1470



Don Simonson

   I was born and raised on Camano Island. Moved to and lived in Seattle during my 32-year career with IBM. During that time a member of the Washington Fly fishing Club introduced me to the sport of fly-fishing. I have been a member of the WFFC for 42 years serving in most of the officer and chair positions including its president in 1994. I have been teaching fly tying and fly-casting for over 39 years. I joined the Federation of Fly Fishers in the 1980’s and am a lifetime member. I am a Master Certified fly casting instructor and am a member of the Casting Board of Governors. I have served as a Director at large on the WSCFFF for a few years taking responsibility for our fly-casting efforts throughout the state.

Phone: (206) 999-4562                                                                        

Email:   dksimo@wavecable.com




Steve Jones (Newsletter Editor)


 I’ve been a member of Clark-Skamania Flyfishers for about 15 years and served as club president for three years and on the board since 2013. I want to contribute to the Washington chapter of Fly Fishers International and help keep it the lively and successful group members expect.


Phone: (360) 606-5947