Early Mornings 

               One of the things I like about winter is that I am often up before that bright orb in the sky.  Working in the dark mornings make me feel I have gotten a jump on the day.  On the other hand, the descent of darkness before dinner, not so much.  The short days remind me the days will get longer and make me long to get out and fish, or practice casting, or mow the yard.  Maybe not mow the yard.
     The volunteers in your Council have been working all winter to get ready for the new season.  One of the biggest undertakings for the Council is the Fly Fishing Fair in Ellensburg. Various people have been working on this event for months.  We are lucky to have had Carl Johnson as President for so long who knows all the ins and outs of pulling this off.
     This year the fair will have a special celebrity fly fisher, Gary Borger.  If you have been following any of the Council’s expanded social media presence, you already knew this. His book Presentation turned my fly fishing around.  I finally understood what I was doing right and wrong and started catching more fish. It even buoyed me up during my trek to become a Certified Instructor (CI). 
     If you have attended any of the Fly Fishing Show events, you’ve probably seen one of his excellent presentations or casting demonstrations.  Gary will doing Workshops, Demonstrations, and just generally mingling with our attendees at our fair.  I am really looking forward to this.
     Speaking of social media, Steve Jones and Sam Matalone have done an incredible job making our presence felt.  One of things Steve is doing is documenting his journey toward becoming a CI.  It takes courage to put your casting videos out there for people to see and criticize while learning what it takes to be a CI.  We have just initiated a study group for CI candidates using video conferencing to share information and casting videos.  If you are interested in joining, send me an email.  Our goal is to produce excellent casters who also are  excellent teachers.
     Keep an eye on the Council’s Facebook page and Instagram to learn more about the fair.  We will soon be up and running with online registration. This year we will have a Fly Tying Theater where you can see up close how excellent tiers get their results. 
     The days are getting longer, get ready.
Bill Wheeler
Fly Fishers International
President, Washington State Council
Master Certified Casting Instructor
Casting Board of Governors