By Steve Jones

I’m going to become a certified casting instructor. This time I really mean it. I’m going to make it happen like Robert Gerlach in these photos. I’m going to stick to a plan. My cast isn’t terrible, or at least that’s what my friends say and we usually take every opportunity to ridicule one another so I’m pretty sure my cast is Ok. I can deliver a fly 40-feet  that can fool a Deschutes red-side into a strike. I did that just a few weeks ago. And then there was a cast later, on the same trip, that landed on the water like a frying pan and that trout vanished. My cast isn’t consistent. It’s not good enough often enough.

That’s the case with a lot of things about fly fishing. I’m going to change that with my casting. I’m getting new gear, a Ballistic TK, TK line and a precisely hand knotted leader. I’ll start with my old reliable Sage 6wt with an eye toward buying the perfect rod as I understand more about my ability and what rod best suits my style. I’m going to practice three days a week and one-by-one I plan to master each of the 22 criteria on the CI exam. Each practice will be 30 minutes to one hour and focused on a task, a grip, a loop a target. I will stick to a schedule. None of this “go at my own pace” stuff. We all know where “go at my own pace” leads. It leads to Dunkin Donuts. This is going to be planned and measured. No donuts.

And I’m going to get a coach. Someone who has confidence to spot my shortcomings and techniques to correct them. I get together with friends and cast and we work at it a while, then open beers and the next thing you know we’re not focusing, we’re farting around. And one more thing I’m going to do is show you how its going. Beginning with this issue of the newsletter and continuing on the Washington State Council Facebook, you can watch what’s going on and join in. I welcome all FFI members to join me in pursuit of the CI.

This time, I really mean it.