This page contains fly tying tips, a new section added to our newsletter in June of 2021. If you have a tip and would like to see it posted here, please send an email to and we will be in touch with you to make it happen.


CDC Feather “table -an inexpensive method of a building a “table” to help fold cdc feathers 

No Trim Muddler -quick and effective way to make a Deer Hair Muddler Head without timing

Easy Proportion Guide-get the fly proportions with more accuracy

Working with Biotsshort tutorial on biots

Folding Hackle Tool – simple “tool” to make folding hackles easier

A “different” Composite Loop– a unique way to create a “2” composite dubbing  loop

Safe Way to cut thread– a way to avoid an accident

String Hooks Avoid the Pain– it is so simple

Biot Tree for easy Tying-Biot Tree a way to manage bits

Pics of Flies-How to get better pictures of your creations

Tying a Better Soft Hackle Fly– an easy method for better flies

A Simple Way to Create Nymph Legs– quick and fast way to ty Pheasant Tail Nymph

Glass Bead Eyes – making glass bead eyes for nymphs

Creating a Flat Body Profile “wet Flies using lead wire create a flat or a keel body profile

Repairing Split Jungle Cock Nails quick way to repair nails with UV resin

An Approach to Split Thread easy way to keep your thread flat when splitting

Room Temperature Dyeing  new product which avoids hackle and mess of hot dyeing

Real Cheap Fly Holder simple method to keep you flies organized when tying

Extended Bodies dry flies various methods for creating extended body flies

Making hook “shanks” for fly Tying  step by step on how to create hook “shanks”

Setting Bronze Mallard Wings various tips on how to improve your rate of success

Make your Balsa Wood Poppers step by step to start you on your way down another rabbit hole

Make Your Own EP type fibers easy method to create “EP” type fibers and save $

Using a Copic Brush short article highlighting the use of a “Copic” brush to paint p[oppers. feathers, fur, etc, etc

Make your own Custom Dubbing easy to follow step by step to create dubbing material

Improve your hackling “dry flies” several tips to getting the right look on your “dry fly”

Taming your Thread simple idea to manage spools of thread, es[ically for Nor vise automatic bobbins plus a bonus