Washington State Council 2020 Officers

President Steve Jones 

 I’ve been a member of Clark-Skamania Flyfishers for about 15 years and served as club president for three years and on the board since 2013. I want to contribute to the Washington chapter of Fly Fishers International and help keep it the lively and successful group members expect.

Phone (360) 606-5947

Email  sjones022@comcast.net


VP-West Robert Gerlach

  I am a retired general contractor living in Gig Harbor, Washington who has been angling the Pacific Northwest for over 30 years. The fly rod captured my attention 13 years ago, and I have picked up the gear rod only a few times since then. I studied for three years and became a Certified Casting Instructor at the WSCIFFF Fair in Ellensburg in 2013 and have been working on becoming a Master in the Art of Teaching for over 5 years now. I find just about as much pleasure throwing a perfect loop as I do hooking a great fish, well I said almost! I have been working with Northwest Youth Conservation and Fly Fishing Academy, Tacoma School of the Arts and SAMI teaching larger groups of young men and women the Art of Fly Casting as well as many smaller groups and individuals. I am constantly working on improving my ability to “COMMUNICATE AND DEMONSTRATE” good casting form as well as working with each individual and their particular casting Style! I am available for both group and private lessons, 253 377 1798.  It is an honor to serve on the Board of Directors of the Washington State Council of the International Federation of Fly Fishers and have a hand in “PASSING IT ON” to future generations.


Phone: (253) 377-1798

Email:   rwg@anewds.com

VP Eastside Chet Allison

     Chet Allison started life on 1/17/48.   I worked for Cowles Publishing in Spokane, Washington for 43 yrs retiring on Dec. 30, 2010. I began fly fishing about 1973 self taught fly tying from the Herters Professional fly tying. I learned to build fly rods from Earl Grotto (took his fly tying class) and John Propp.   I, along with my wife, am a founding and original board of directors of the Spokane Fly Fishers and have been a member of the IEFFC since 1974. Was IEFFC President in 2012. I was a Boy Scout fly fishing merit badge councilor for about 5 years. I enjoy fishing Washington lakes and streams. I will be traveling the state in my motorhome fishing those waters real heavy starting the spring of 2013. A long the way I hope to learn some new waters and meet some new friends. I attended the fly tying expo at Ellensburg in 2012 and will be there for years to come. I will be showing the beginning fly tiers effective easy to tie flies. I was asked to be a BOD member of the WSCFFF at the Fly Fishing Fair in 2012.  

Phone: (509) 362-5320

Email:  jochetallison@msn.com


Secretary  Jim Athearn

I have fished for as long as I can remember and have done mostly fly fishing for at least the last 20 years.  After I retired in 2004, we moved to the Spokane area where I enjoy fishing all the nearby lakes and more distant streams.  I also like to travel and try new places for different fish.  This a sport that allows you to continually learn and improve if you’re willing to put in a little effort.  I also like fly tying and that is an area where I can definitely continue to learn.   I usually have a camera or binoculars close by when I’m out fishing in case an interesting bird happens by. 


I joined the Inland Empire Fly Fishing Club in 2005 and was chair of the Projects Committee for several years.  I continue to coordinate the club’s program at the Big Horn Sports Show to teach fly tying to young (and old) people and I am currently serving as club President.

Phone   (509)299-5582

Email   jathearn99@aol.com

VP Membership Larry Gibbs

I am the Vice President of Membership plus I also am the Vendor Coordinator for the WSC Fly Fishing Fair held in Ellensburg.  I joined the Board of Directors in the very early 2000’s and have held the positions of Director at Large, Treasurer and Secretary and Auction Coordinator.

I am also a Life member of the FFI. I belong to the FFI President’s Club and I am a sustaining member of the new FFI program, 1000 Stewards. I am a life member of the FFI Fly Tying Group. I am a past member of the FFI Board of Directors.  I was the FFI auction coordinator for five years. 

I am the president and newsletter editor of the Alpine Fly Fishers Club, which is a FFI Charter Club located in Puyallup, WA. I am a retired law enforcement officer.

I am an all waters fly fisher but I prefer to fish for trout and smallmouth bass in the rivers of western Montana and eastern Washington.  I fish with both graphite and bamboo fly rods.

Phone: (253) 820-0475

Email: flytier015@q.com


VP Education

Carol Anderson

Carol Anderson is an avid sailor who has raced or cruised six different oceans. When not traveling, Carol loves to fish Western mountain streams, a passion that began in her Seattle backyard stream at 8 years old. Carol spent 40 years designing, developing and delivering science education multimedia and online content. She began her career in elementary education before becoming a professor of technology education at Western Washington University. Carol is the founder of FlySci, a non-profit science of fly-fishing educational organization specializing in environmental sciences and conservation.

Phone: (360) 298-2999

Email    cja@windwalkermedia.com


VP Conservation

Mike Clancy

  I retired in 2000 and decided to take up fly fishing. I have fished since a little guy of 7-8 years old. I went to the Puyallup Sportsman Show in 2000, expecting to learn about organizations related to fly fishing, I overheard Bob Shirley and Larry Gibbs talking to Arny Gidlow (Arny is a guide on the Missouri River) about the Puget Sound Fly Fishers in Tacoma. Well, the rest is history, I have absolutely enjoyed our sport and relationships I have made from that day on. Bob was the President of PSFF at the time and he didn’t waste anytime getting me involved in the club. He was also President of the WSCIFFF in 2003 when he invited me to join the Board of the Council. Over the years I have been Secretary, Vice President (West) and presently the Government Affairs Chairman which I really enjoy. I pass on fly fishing/government information from WDFW and various other fishing organizations to all the IFFF club’s in Washington, including non IFFF Clubs, in addition to many interested individuals.


In 2009, I volunteered with the NW Youth Conservation and Fly Fishing Academy. 2010, I became co-director. Since 2010, we have graduated many boys and girls from The Academy. The Academy is a youth education project of WCTU and made possible with the help and support of WSCIFFF. I am very proud of The Academy and appreciate the support that we receive from the fly fishing community to make this week long event, a lifelong experience for the future fly fishers of our sport.


Phone: (360) 753-1259

Email: mtclancy39@comcast.net


Acting VP Communications Steve Jones & Newsletter Editor

 I’ve been a member of Clark-Skamania Flyfishers for about 15 years and served as club president for three years and on the board since 2013. I want to contribute to the Washington chapter of Fly Fishers International and help keep it the lively and successful group members expect.

Phone (360) 606-5947

Email  sjones022@comcast.net

Treasurer Jim Maus


I have a passion for fly fishing and fly tying and enjoy sharing my knowledge and skills with those new to the sport. I am a Life Member of Fly Fishers International (FFI) and I’m currently serving on the National Board of Directors as the Treasurer. I’m a charter member of the FFI’s Fly Tying Group. I have been actively involved with the Washington State Council for over 25 years and have served the Council as Senior Advisor, Treasurer, Secretary, Director at Large and as a National Director. I’m a long time member and past President of the Puget Sound Flyfishers club in Tacoma, WA (winner of the 2008 McKenzie Cup) and a member of the South Sound Fly Fishing club in Olympia, WA

Phone   (253) 582-9580

Email    jimmaus@comcast.net




Past Council President Carl Johnson

I began my journey as a fly fisher in 1966 (wow almost 50 years ago) when I used my fly rod to toss flies instead of bait in the streams near my house in New Jersey. Over the years through job locations and travel I have fished in at least 15 of the states as well as Mexico. I belonged to fly fishing clubs in Tennessee, Louisiana and now Washington. I truly enjoy fishing streams and rivers for trout although I have been known to fish for anything that swims. In 2004 I joined the Council as Treasurer and added VP Westside in 2005. In 2006 I was elected to my first 3 year term as President. I am now in my third three year term, and hopefully last, as President. I am incredibly proud of how the members of the Council have made the Washington Fly Fishing Fair a growing success since 2007. It has been my pleasure to be part of the Board that has worked so hard to serve the fly-fishing community.