Washington State Council  Officers

President Steve Jones 

 I’ve been a member of Clark-Skamania Flyfishers for about 15 years and served as club president for three years and on the board since 2013. I want to contribute to the Washington chapter of Fly Fishers International and help keep it the lively and successful group members expect.

Phone (360) 606-5947

Email:  sjones022@comcast.net


VP-West Neal Hoffberg

I have been a member of the FFI for over fifteen years. My club affiliation is with the Washington Fly Fishing Club, where I serve as Committee Chair for Education and Programs.I teach fly tying twice a month with the WFFC.I am a volunteer withProject Healing Waters, Seattle, teaching both fly tying and fly casting. Volunteering has taught me how important and rewarding giving to others is.I am committed to the goals and objectives of the FFI.

Phone (850) 660-8292

Email:  nealhoffberg@gmail.com



Secretary Jim Black


I have been fishing my whole life. Fishing started for me in the 60’s in Tacoma. My dad was in love
with the outdoors and fishing was a big part of what we did. I built my first rod in the 60’s and have
tied flies since then also. My biggest passion in fishing is casting. Lefty Kreh taught me a dynamic
Roll Cast at a trade show back in 90’s and when we got done told me that I would love fishing even
more if I improved my casting. I took that to heart and worked on improving my casting. I got my
Casting Certification from the FFI and am working on my Masters. I now provide a free casting
lessons to members of my fly club, Olympic Fly Fishers of Edmonds, and I teach casting to
individuals. For the last two years I have volunteered at the FFI Casting Fair running the Casting
Challenge. I also coordinated the volunteers for the 2023 Fair. Along with fishing I have worked
with TU to measure water culverts for fish passage and restore streams. 

Phone: (206) 979-6661

Email: jimblgm52@gmail.com

VP Membership Peter Maunsell

Over the past 45 years I have become enamored with fly fishing and rafting. I will hike and float anywhere to catch any fish. I really enjoy multi day camping on the Northwest’s white water rivers. The longer the trip the better. I have learned to tie flies through reading and watching others.

Phone   (206) 920-3267

Email fishing@maunsell.net


VP Education Jim Goedhart/Youth Fly Fishing Academy

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Jim Goedhart was raised in Southern California and introduced to fly fishing at the Long Beach Fly Casting club in 1964, taking casting and fly-tying lessons there during his senior year in high school. He attended Chico State College in Northern California and fly fished in rivers around the Mount Lassen. Over the years has fly fished in Europe, South America, Mexico the Caribbean and across the US in both fresh and saltwater.

Professionally, after graduate school, Jim worked in manufacturing management information systems at United Technologies, GTE, the General Electric Company and for PRTM/KPMG Consulting firm. In 1990, he founded Locus Consulting while living in Chicago. My wife and I moved to Washington in 1997 as a result of a “Lean Manufacturing” multiyear project at Boeing.

Jim join the Washington Fly Fishing Club (WFFC) in 2012 and has served in the roles Webmaster, Fundraising, Treasurer (2015-2018) and as President (2019-2021). I am currently the President of the WFFC Foundation with the mission to contribute to charitable, scientific and educational purposes to promote the conservation of Washington’s fish and habitat resources

Phone: (425) 985-2316

Email: jlgoedhart@gmail.com


VP Conservation Richard Plunket

I believe I’ve been with FFI since 2014. I belong to three fly clubs as well. Hoping to be helpful in educating and protecting what we can. With an emphasis on not losing anymore. One of my favorite pictures is of me fishing with a cane pole and balsa bobber at the age of two or three! Our family left that lake in Michigan when I was five, and settled along the Umpqua River in Oregon. It was there that I learned to hunt and fly fish. Rainbows in the river and Bluegill and Bass with poppers mostly in the lakes. Landed my first Steelhead on the North Umpqua (without Dad’s help!) at thirteen. My Father is a teacher and great naturalist, so lessons included all aspects of the natural world. I like to build rods, tie flies and catch fish, but I love to be on the water


Treasurer Jim Maus


I have a passion for fly fishing and fly tying and enjoy sharing my knowledge and skills with those new to the sport. I am a Life Member of Fly Fishers International (FFI) and I’m currently serving on the National Board of Directors as the Treasurer. I’m a charter member of the FFI’s Fly Tying Group. I have been actively involved with the Washington State Council for over 25 years and have served the Council as Senior Advisor, Treasurer, Secretary, Director at Large and as a National Director. I’m a long time member and past President of the Puget Sound Flyfishers club in Tacoma, WA (winner of the 2008 McKenzie Cup) and a member of the South Sound Fly Fishing club in Olympia, WA

Phone   (253) 582-9580

Email    jimmaus@comcast.net




Past Council President Carl Johnson

I began my journey as a fly fisher in 1966 (wow almost 50 years ago) when I used my fly rod to toss flies instead of bait in the streams near my house in New Jersey. Over the years through job locations and travel I have fished in at least 15 of the states as well as Mexico. I belonged to fly fishing clubs in Tennessee, Louisiana and now Washington. I truly enjoy fishing streams and rivers for trout although I have been known to fish for anything that swims. In 2004 I joined the Council as Treasurer and added VP Westside in 2005. In 2006 I was elected to my first 3 year term as President. I am now in my third three year term, and hopefully last, as President. I am incredibly proud of how the members of the Council have made the Washington Fly Fishing Fair a growing success since 2007. It has been my pleasure to be part of the Board that has worked so hard to serve the fly-fishing community.