Kuni Masuda

  Kuni 36 years of fly fishing experience and is a member of World Fly Fishing Japan, IFFF and Clark-Skamania Flyfishers in Vancouver, Washington. He participated in the 2012 World Fly Fishing Championship in Slovenia. He was invited to compete as a member of Team Japan and a manager of the team.He joined one of the finest handcrafted and high performance rod makers, C.F. Burkheimer as a pro-staff in 2011. He has been invited to become a pro-staff  for Wastatch Custom Angling as a demo tier.


   Currently he is a member of the IFFF Board of Directors who is responsible for international outreach and member of the Fly Fishing Museum steering committee in Livingston, MT as well as a demo fly tier for their fly fishing events. Over the years he’s fished in Alaska, Europe, Canada, Mexico, Japan as well as widely in the Northwestern U.S. 

  Besides being a director of the Clark-Skamania Fly Fishers, he got involved and committed to the education, conservation, promotion of fly fishing as a method of angling. And through it, an understanding of and appreciation for the diversity of nature. He manages the Fly Tyers’ Night every 2nd Wednesday of each month at the WDFW for the last 4 years.


Phone: (360) 573-3310

Email:  klmasuda@yahoo.com




 Don Simonson

   I was born and raised on Camano Island. Moved to and lived in Seattle during my 32-year career with IBM. During that time a member of the Washington Fly fishing Club introduced me to the sport of fly-fishing. I have been a member of the WFFC for 42 years serving in most of the officer and chair positions including its president in 1994. I have been teaching fly tying and fly-casting for over 39 years. I joined the Federation of Fly Fishers in the 1980’s and am a lifetime member. I am a Master Certified fly casting instructor and am a member of the Casting Board of Governors. I have served as a Director at large on the WSCFFF for a few years taking responsibility for our fly-casting efforts throughout the state.

Phone: (206) 999-4562                                                                        

Email:   dksimo@wavecable.com

Sam Matalone Webmaster

I grew up in Northern California and started my passion for fly fishing at the age of 11. I was extremely lucky to have been surrounded by very good fly fisherman who taught me to cast, tie flies and to understand the role each of us plays in ensuring the future of our sport. I have associated with the Washington State Council of Fly Fishers for over 10 years. I retired as an Engineer from Texas Instruments after 30 years. 

Phone   (972) 754-9558

Email    sam@matalone.us


Peter Maunsell

Over the past 45 years I have become enamored with fly fishing and rafting. I will hike and float anywhere to catch any fish. I really enjoy multi day camping on the Northwest’s white water rivers. The longer the trip the better. I have learned to tie flies through reading and watching others.

Neil Hoffberg

I have been a member of the FFI for over fifteen years. My club affiliation is with the Washington Fly Fishing Club, where I serve as Committee Chair for Education and Programs.I teach fly tying twice a month with the WFFC.I am a volunteer withProject Healing Waters, Seattle, teaching both fly tying and fly casting. Volunteering has taught me how important and rewarding giving to others is.I am committed to the goals and objectives of the FFI.

Claude Kistler

I have been fly fishing off and on since my early 20’s.  I was mentored by friend and longtime FFI member Lory Watkins.  I became a Life Time member of FFI as a tribute to Lory upon his passing in April 2013. 

While the majority of my fly fishing experiences have been at Eastern Washington Low Land Lakes, I have been fortunate enough to fish in rivers and streams in North Idaho, Western Montana and my favorite, small creeks in the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming. 

Upon retirement from a career in Public Broadcasting in 2013, I became active in the Spokane Fly Fishers.  I served in several officer positions and as President from 2015 – 2017.  I currently serve as the Education chair after serving as Conservation chair for several years. For the past five years I have chaired the SFF Annual Fly Fishing School and enjoy working with new fly fishers as well as various youth groups as they learn about fly fishing.   

Phone (509) 747-2268

Email  clkistler@comcast.net


Judy Larson 

Judy Larson (Harris) is an avid catch and release fly angler who spends inordinate amounts of time chasing trout and daydreaming about chasing trout. She is involved with the Overlake Fly Fishing Club and serves as their Vice President for Education. Judy is active in FFI Women Connect. She was a presenter at the 2021 FFI Virtual Conference where she presented strategies for chapters interested in diversifying and growing their membership. She also serves on the Executive Board of the Three Rivers Chapter of Trout Unlimited.

Judy has a passion for making sure outdoor spaces are accessible, welcoming, and safe for all. She is currently producing, directing, and writing a documentary titled, “All in the Water” about diversity and inclusivity in the outdoors which will be submitted to film festivals in 2022. 


Jim Goedhart

Jim Goedhart was raised in Southern California and introduced to fly fishing at the Long Beach Fly Casting club in 1964, taking casting and fly-tying lessons there during his senior year in high school. He attended Chico State College in Northern California and fly fished in rivers around the Mount Lassen. Over the years has fly fished in Europe, South America, Mexico the Caribbean and across the US in both fresh and saltwater.

Professionally, after graduate school, Jim worked in manufacturing management information systems at United Technologies, GTE, the General Electric Company and for PRTM/KPMG Consulting firm. In 1990, he founded Locus Consulting while living in Chicago. My wife and I moved to Washington in 1997 as a result of a “Lean Manufacturing” multiyear project at Boeing.

Jim join the Washington Fly Fishing Club (WFFC) in 2012 and has served in the roles Webmaster, Fundraising, Treasurer (2015-2018) and as President (2019-2021). I am currently the President of the WFFC Foundation with the mission to contribute to charitable, scientific and educational purposes to promote the conservation of Washington’s fish and habitat resources.


Jim Black

I have been fishing my whole life. Fishing started for me in the 60’s in Tacoma. My dad was in love
with the outdoors and fishing was a big part of what we did. I built my first rod in the 60’s and have
tied flies since then also. My biggest passion in fishing is casting. Lefty Kreh taught me a dynamic
Roll Cast at a trade show back in 90’s and when we got done told me that I would love fishing even
more if I improved my casting. I took that to heart and worked on improving my casting. I got my
Casting Certification from the FFI and am working on my Masters. I now provide a free casting
lessons to members of my fly club, Olympic Fly Fishers of Edmonds, and I teach casting to
individuals. For the last two years I have volunteered at the FFI Casting Fair running the Casting
Challenge. I also coordinated the volunteers for the 2023 Fair. Along with fishing I have worked
with TU to measure water culverts for fish passage and restore streams. Thank you for your consideration of my application.


Marion Hiller

A Washington state native and former middle school teacher, Marion grew up with a father who was an avid fly tier and fisher, sharing his knowledge exclusively with his two sons. In time, after the passing of her father, she became the caretaker of a family fishing camp in Montana, where she slowly grew a desire to become an independent and knowledgeable fly fisher. This led her to joining a local fly club. There, encouraged by a fly fishing friend, she sought out Fly Fishing International, and eventually become a certified casting instructor in 2022 where she is able to use her skills and passion for teaching. Since receiving her certification, Marion has provided instructional support to the Nooksack Salmon Enhancement, the Fourth Corner Fly Fishers, the Washington State Council of Fly Fishers International, an after school fly.



Ryan Smith

Ryan has been working since 2003 at The Avid Angler fly shop in the Lake Forest Park north of Seattle, and owner since 2011. In over 20 years of helping at the shop Ryan has overseen all aspects of the business from marketing and accounting to education. Besides the retail operation, Ryan and his guides at Avid Anglers provide guide services, tools and knowledge for all levels of fly fishers. Ryan is an FFI Certified Casting Instructor and has a bachelor’s degree in biology from Colorado College.


Peter Maunsell

Over the past 45 years I have become enamored with fly fishing and rafting. I will hike and float anywhere to catch any fish. I really enjoy multi day camping on the Northwest’s white water rivers. The longer the trip the better. I have learned to tie flies through reading and watching others