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  • FFI is giving awards this year to five members who have made notable contributions to the sport and our organization.             Aaron Culley is being inducted into the Washington Fly Tying Hall of Fame for his outstanding ability creating and tying flies and his willingness [...]

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  •   Three new director candidates for the FFI board And eight current directors seeking new terms   The Washington State Council has a great board of directors and because of the fluke of the calendar, many of those directors are up for re-election in 2024. Richard Plunket who stepped in [...]
  • Since the formation of Washington FFI in the 1960s, our members and affiliated clubs have played an invaluable role in conserving and protecting countless acres of stream and riverbank. We bring people together in the vigorous defense of ecosystems and committed efforts to share the best in fly tying, casting, [...]
  •     This is a method I developed to create extended body mayflies that are very durable, light weight, and float well. Though the process may seem complicated, it is not. After a few tries you will begin to master the technique. This article is really 3 articles, part 1 is [...]

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