A few good friends needed

Many of us joined Fly Fishers International because we thought we could improve our angling by associating with others who shared our passion for fishing and the outdoors. Every day spent with a good friend on the river or at the tying bench we gain a little knowledge, our world gets a little bigger and our appreciation for the sport goes a little deeper.

The same can be said for this organization. Time spent developing FFI in our state raises the profile of our sport and right now your Washington Council is seeking new directors to help with statewide education and membership programs. Beginning in July, the chapter also will need a new treasure to manage finances in the years ahead.

Washington Council membership has stabilized at between 900 and 1000 members statewide.  The council board is seeking new vice presidents for both Education and Membership to help get that statewide membership growing again. The VP of Education helps the council reach out to new fly fishers and fly clubs and works closely with the VP of Membership to engage those people in the mission of FFI, which is to share fly casting and tying skills and support the conservation efforts that keep our fisheries healthy and exciting.

For more information contact Council President Carl Johnson or any of the directors listed on the Washington Chapter website.