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Washington State Council Fly Tying Hall of Fame AWARD Criteria – An award plaque presented annually to that person who has made significant contributions to the arts of fly tying.

-Must be a WSCFFI member.
-Can be an amateur or professional. (This is a difficult area. What an amateur does out of sheer love and enjoyment, a professional must do to make a living. Nevertheless, it is often the professional who, through their skills, offers more to the advancement of the art. Therefore, it will be necessary to make some judgment on intent. Obviously, if the primary intent is to teach and share knowledge, it should merit serious consideration.)
-Areas for judgment are: tying skill, creativity or innovation, and sharing knowledge by teaching or publication.
-Advancement of the arts need not be on a national scale, it can be at local or regional levels.
-Participation in the FFI is not a prerequisite, but any such activity as benefits the FFI should be highly regarded.
-Achievements and contributions should promote the advancement of the arts and qualification should be superior to other candidates.

The information you enter here will only be used for award nominations
The information you enter here will only be used for award nominations
When writing your nomination, please give examples and observation of how your nominations meets the crietria for this award