WASHINGTON CONSERVATION AWARD – This is an award or awards, to a group or organization that has made noteworthy and significant contributions to the conservation, protection, or restoration of our fishing resources. The following conditions will apply:

  1. The group or organization need not be affiliated with the FFI.
  2. Any national or local clubs, groups or organizations, as well as national or state agencies, may be considered for this award.
  3. This award could be based upon a single outstanding contribution or on a continuous series of significant efforts promoting fishery conservation in this state.
  4. The group or organization has not won the award previously.
  5. This award need not be an annual award, but will be bestowed when recognition is merited.

“Noteworthy and significant contributions” are those that have clearly brought a benefit or improvement to the waters, the fish, and the fishing in Washington State, either throughout the state or to any of its parts and were achieved by the group through the application of uncommon dedication and effort. These contributions would be consistent with the philosophy and policies of the FFI.

All nominations will be routed by the Council to the VP Conservation for evaluation of each nominee and the VP Conservation will make recommendations to the Council.

The information you enter here will only be used for award nominations
The information you enter here will only be used for award nominations
When writing your nomination, please give examples and observation of how your nominations meets the crietria for this award