This is a method I developed to create extended body mayflies that are very durable, light weight, and float well. Though the process may seem complicated, it is not. After a few tries you will begin to master the technique. This article is really 3 articles, part 1 is creating the extended body, part 2 demonstrates attachment of the extended body and tailing fibers, and part 3 is tying the wings, thorax and legs. Since this is a heavy picture article, we will be only discussing part 1 and 2. Don’t worry Part 3 will be in our Sept Newsletter.

   In addition we are trying to improve everyone’s overall learning experience. We are adding a link to a video of Dan demonstrating his technique at the end of this article and we will put the link on FaceBook and our website.






Note from the newsletter editor: Dan West will be demonstrating how to tie these extended body flies at the Washington State Council Fly Casting Event Sept 21st at Clark College, Vancouver Wash. The day-long event will feature dozens of expert fly tiers at work inside Gaiser Hall on campus and a variety of casting classes and activities on the lawns outside.







Dan will be a feature tier who will be demonstrating this technique in a class room style setting. This will be your opportunity to ask questions of Dan.(ie on the big screen)




Dan Demonstrating how to make extended bodies Dan West extended bodies 2406003 voice Dan West extended bodies 2406003 music