The Yakima River Headwaters chapter of Trout Unlimited will host the 2019 Fly Fishing Film Tour on Saturday May 4 in Ellensburg right after the FFI Fair. You can walk right from the fair to the films in Armory Hall on the grounds of the Kittitas Valley Event Center. Special guest and MC for the evening will be fly fishing expert and guide Hank Patterson. 

The venue opens at 6 and films will begin at 7. Admission will be $20 with all the funds going conservation programs.

Yakima Headwaters TU is engaged in a variety of conservation and education work in the Teanaway system. Over the past three years it has provided angler education with ‘safe for fish’ temperature signage and waste monofilament fishing line collection sites at boat launches on the Yakima River. The chapter also is starting its third year of water temperature monitoring in the Teanaway watershed along with WDFW’s effort to monitor climate change and identify areas of cold-water refuge for migrating fish. New in 2018 was a project to identify population distribution of West Slope Cutthroat trout in the Teanaway River through angler science and data collection. In 2019 Headwaters members look forward to beginning work on an “Embrace A Stream” project in the Teanaway watershed. A major portion of conservation funds also will go toward efforts to place water temperature monitors in streams and the subsequent data collection and analysis.