Casting for Recovery

By Trisha Campbell







Join, Volunteer or Donate to a Casting for Recovery Retreat

Casting for Recovery is a national non profit organization that provides no cost retreats to female breast cancer survivors. We are starting another season of retreats and the national medical team is establishing retreat protocol in line with CDC guidelines. The 2022 season has 52 retreats scheduled across the United States. This is after a limited season of 32 retreats last year and none in 2020 due to Covid safety issues.

I’m happy to report, Washington has two retreats covering different parts of the state. The Eastern part of the state is served by Northern Idaho/Eastern Washington Casting for Recovery and the remaining areas are served by Washington Casting for Recovery. Both of these organizations are long standing branches of our national organization and are 100% volunteer based. Fundraising efforts are ongoing at a local and national level to fund these retreats. This year the Northern Idaho/Eastern Washington retreat will be    celebrating their 10th retreat and 12 years in existence. Last year, Washington State had their 25th retreat season. I proud to have volunteer for both of these organizations for 13 years.

Northern Idaho/Eastern Washington just finished accepting applications for their retreat to be held June 10-12. The Washington retreat, will be held August 28-30. If interested in finding out more about Casting for Recovery, donating to your local retreat,volunteering or just looking at all the amazing services this organization provides, go to:


Casting for Recovery