Fifteen women interested in earning FFI’s Fly Tying Skills Awards and/or Fly Casting Skills Development Awards will be gathering in Mountain Home, Arkansas on the world famous White River, March 12-20, 2023. Fly tying instructors Gretchen and Al Beatty and casting instructor Mary Ann Dozer will support participants toward meeting requirements for Bronze, Silver, and Gold levels. Questions? Contact Patty Lueken at



Helena Makes the Team

As reported last newsletter Women Connect supported the fifteen year old youth, Halena Fischer, who tried out for the United States Youth Fishing Team. She is only the second female to ever make the youth team.  Congratulations to Helena!  In the Woman Connect Newsletter, Karen Hall, FFiWC Council Liaison Coordinator posts an inspiring and heartwarming story of Halena’s journey into fly fishing and her motivations that led her into fishing and to eventually try out for the U.S. team.  Read about Helena in the WomenConnect Fall Newsletter…click the link.


The 3rd Annual Fly Fishers International Women Connect Driftless Rendezvous is Announced.

Reservations at the Cedar Lodge Resort in Whalen, Minnesota for twenty have been reserved for October 1-13, 2024.  The event gave us each an opportunity to meet and get to know other women with a variety of experience and expertise, who share a passion for fly fishing.




Catch More Fish with a Better Cast -a zoom meeting with Mary Ann Dozer, Casting Instructor

Mary Ann believes that you buy your own flies, no one casts for you. She demonstrated basic arm mechanics and explained why the use of the shoulder , instead of just the wrist and/or the forearm sets the foundation for a good cast. She taught about loop shapes and how the shapes are created.  Participants actively participated by pantomiming steps to arm mechanics and the Pick-up Lay Down Cast, asking questions, and learning at-home drills for practice. Mary Ann presented a fount of knowledge with humor, excellent graphics, and easy to understand information.

Two Yakima Women Make Efforts to Bring Women Anglers Together

I recently met Jessica this spring during Red’s Fly Shop Rendezvous while she tried out fly rods and practiced casting to enter Red’s casting game hoping to win the grand prize.  During our conversations she shared her desire to begin a women’s fly fishing club in the Yakima area.

Here is Jessica’s story.

I decided last year to start a women’s club with my friend Shelly in the Yakima Valley. She has been fly fishing since childhood and she works in the industry. We are hoping to create an environment that attracts women of all skill levels and provides a platform for education and outreach. I’m also hoping to encourage ladies to meet me for group fishing weekends. I know a lot of women are hesitant to get into this sport because they have no one to fish with. I’m hoping women can connect with each other and meet up with me for some fishing time. But the latter has been the most challenging part.

I was born and raised on the Olympic Peninsula. I grew up salmon and steelhead fishing with my Dad. However, I didn’t switch over to fly fishing until I moved to eastern Washington a few years ago. I feel like it was a natural transition for me and I enjoy much more than fishing with my spinning rod. I’ve gotten much more into trout and bass fishing since then.

Let’s wish Jessica and Shelly the best outcome.

Learning, Sharing, Inspiration…It’s Our Mission

  • To create a community of women fly fishers where learning, sharing and inspiration are offered in a safe and non-intimidating environment, to develop and improve fly fishing/ tying skills and, offer new opportunities in a creative and fun manner.
  • To encourage female leadership in FFI Clubs and the fly fishing industry as a whole by creating a platform where women can develop fly fishing skills and build confidence.

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