If you want to borrow the Washington Council Zoom account to put your club meetings online contact President@wscffi.org. Only one club can use the account at a time, so use will be scheduled to avoid conflicts



Best practices

Ask for help. Some clubs have a member who hosts the meeting on a separate computer from the president who leads the meeting. At the Overlake club, Steve Fosie said the Zoom manager gives the floor to various speakers according to an agenda, which reduces the burden on the president to manage the whole job.

Open the Zoom service to members before the meeting starting time. Clark-Skamania held a “wet fly hour” before the start of the meeting. It allowed members to exchange greetings and those with more experience with the software could help those new to Zoom learn how to use it. President Don Kohler plans a similar informal start to the club’s October meeting.

Learn the software. Zoom offers easy to follow instruction at its Help Center. Dozens of Zoom experts have posted tutorials on YouTube. Engage a friend to conduct practice meetings in advance of inviting the club. “You’ve got to put in some effort to work out the bugs so it goes smoothly” said Don Kohler.

to schedule a zoom meeting send send an email to: President@wscffi.org meeting time will be 1st request


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