GiveBig Washington….Again

Fly Fishers International is participating in GiveBig Washington, the region wide giving event May 3-4 when nonprofits explain their mission to the broader community and ask for financial support. The event creates an online showcase for dozens of non-profit organizations to introduce themselves to the community beyond their membership. More than 90 outdoor and environmental organizations participated last year. Groups from the Wild Steelhead Coalition to the Wild Fish Conservancy and the Coast Salmon Foundation will invite their members to log into the May 3-4 event and donate not only to their cause, but others that interest them.

Last year, Washington FFI had nearly two dozens donors. Half of them were not FFI members but contributed to our work. 

As members of FFI your dues sustain the national organization. The Washington Council receives very little of that money. Most of its operating budget for the council was earned at the annual fly fishing expos that we have been prevented from holding because of the ongoing pandemic. We’ve joined the GiveBig campaign to fill that void. 

Your Washington Council of FFI supports, enhances and preserves fly fishing opportunities in Washington through education and environmental stewardship. Since 1965, Washington FFI has played a vital role in conserving trout, salmon and steelhead, saltwater and warm water fishing statewide, sustaining public access and inviting teens, women and disabled veterans into our sport.

Donating to Washington FFI through GiveBig will help sustain those efforts through the pandemic and beyond.

In coming weeks we will be explaining our accomplishments and our goals and asking you to donate to our mission. Go to GiveBIG 2022 ( to learn more and join us May 3-4 at GiveBig Washington.

When you go to do a search for Fly Fishers International and the this link will appear. Just click on it and you will be taken to the proper place to read about what we do and who we are.