Fly Fishers International – Women Connect

By Trisha Campbell

Women Connect is a not for profit branch of Fly Fishers International. Their goal is to give women the opportunity to experience, learn and participate in the sport of fly fishing.

Since women are getting into Fly Fishing more and more, a number of new opportunities have emerged for all women’s fly fishing trips. One can participate in trips around the United States or travel to different parts of the world. They can even join a local fly fishing event and FFI Women Connect can help.

One of the longest established women’s fly fishing companies is Reel Women Fly Fishing Adventurers. The owner, Lori- Ann Murphy started providing fly fishing adventurers to women in 1992. Lori-Ann is an icon in the fly fishing world. She was the first woman Orvis Endorsed guide and a national champion caster. Lori-Ann was ahead of her time in wanting to creating fly fishing opportunities at affordable price for women.

In February of this year, I took a trip with five other women to San Pedro, Belize with Reel Women Fly Fishing. Three of the women had never experienced salt water fly fishing and three had already been hooked.

There was six days of Fly Fishing for a variety of species to include Tarpon, Permit and Bonefish. Everyone caught fish, but the best part was the connections made and the fun shared. We came as strangers on an adventure and walked away as friends.

If you are interested in starting or expanding your knowledge, experience and fun in fly fishing, Women Connect can help. Check out Women Connect by going to:

or on Facebook at FFI Women Connect.

As the FFI Washington Council representative for Women Connect and an FFI Certified Fly Fishing Instructor, my goal is to give more local opportunities for women in fly fishing. Contact me at

May all your fly fishing dreams come true!


  Fly Fishers International – Women Connect FFI Women Connect Mission Statement

To create a community of women fly fishers where learning, sharing and inspiration are offered in a safe and non-intimidating environment, to develop and improve fly fishing/ tying skills and, offer new opportunities in a creative and fun manner. To encourage female leadership in FFI Clubs and the fly fishing industry as a whole by creating a platform where women can develop fly fishing skills and build confidence.

FFI Mission Statement: The Mission of FFI is to support, enhance and preserve fly fishing opportunities. Fundamental to this mission is FFI’s commitment to support conservation, education and programs to support the fly fishing community.

Definitions: A goal is a description of a destination, and an objective is a measure of the progress that is needed to get to the destination. In this context goals are the long term outcomes you (or the organization) want/need to achieve.

Goal #1 – Outreach: Cultivate, facilitate and maintain connections between and with women and fly fishing related entities that support women fly fishers.


a. Appoint a Women Fly Fisher Liaison for each Council that leads women only activities at the Council Annual Events.
b. Create formal/informal partnerships with other groups with similar objectives for Promoting Women in Fly Fishing.
c. Become a resource for other organizations.
d. Develop a roster of women to teach skills in the industry.
e. Have a presence (booth, etc.) at FFI educational events.

Goal #2 – Education – Skills Building; Facilitate and promote educational opportunities for women to improve their fly fishing skills, including but not limited to; fly tying, fly casting, safety, fishing, equipment, entomology, conservation, fly fishing travel, and fly fishing etiquette.


a. Develop and offer educational opportunities for women who want to begin/advance their fly fishing skills. (i.e. rod building,
fly tying, rigging, casting)
b. Develop, or partner with professional entities, and offer educational opportunities for those wishing to become professionals in
the Fly Fishing Industry.
c. Develop educational resource materials to teach fly fishing skills, with specific instructions on presenting the materials to
d. Educate and empower women to teach and/or become professionals in the industry.
e. Acknowledge personal safety issues and teach ways to minimize personal, wading and watercraft fly fishing risks and ways to be safe.
f. Work to create an inclusive environment where all are encouraged to teach others our sport.
g. Motivate and mentor women fly fishers to achieve their Fly Casting Skills Challenge Medals and/or Fly Tying Medals. h. Motivate and mentor women fly fishers to achieve Casting Instruction Certifications.
i. Teach and practice fly fishing safety and etiquette.

Goal #3 – Conservation Awareness: Promote the awareness of conservation issues, FFI conservation projects and ways to support the conservation of recreational resources.


a. Participate and support FFI Conservation Goals.
b. Offer conservation events and/or educational opportunities.
c. Develop program to educate the fishing community to preserve and protect our resourses.

Goal #4 – Social: Provide and promote opportunities for women to meet like-minded women fly fishers via social and travel opportunities; thereby, creating lasting friendships.


a. Establish a Women Connect Private Social Media Group – that allows all member to contribute.
b. Create a Women Connect Web Page within the Learning Center homepage now, and within the FFI website once Women Connect becomes an independent committee.
c. Host women specific events at the Annual Fair and beyond. (Examples include educational events that can be utilized by the Learning Center, social, and fishing events.

Goal #5 – Leadership: Encourage and prepare women to assume leadership roles in FFI and the Fly Fishing Industry


a. Train women to become leaders in FFI and beyond.
b. Work to make Women Connect a Committee of the Board of Directors, rather than a subcommittee of the Education Committee, while continuing to have a presence on the Education Committee.
c. Appoint women representatives to the Board of Directors
d. Select a woman for each committee of the Board of Directors.
e. Facilitate planning the Women Connect educational opportunities of FFI.
f. Train and cross-train women in each leadership/educational role to assume greater responsibility in that role.

Goal #6 – Inclusiveness: Cultivate an inclusive community within FFI.


a. Increase the number of classes taught by co-ed teams.
b. Add more co-ed classes taught by women to the FFI Fair educational opportunities.
c. Encourage (Motivate) women to take co-ed classes.