Women’s Connect Holding Several Women’s Fishing Month Events in June 

By Trisha Campbell 

The Women’s Connect branch of Fly Fishers International has declared June as Women in Fly Fishing month.  

The goal is for Women’s Connect is to develop at least one event for women in June.  

As the Washington Council Liaison, I’m planning a number of casting events and one Casting For Recovery Retreat during the month. Both will be on the eastern side of the state.

The Washington/Idaho Casting for Recovery, which covers 11 counties on the Eastern side of Washington, will hold a retreat the weekend of June 11-13.  This retreat will follow COVID safety protocol.  Attendance will be limited to seven participants.  The retreat will be held at N-Sid-Sen on Lake Coeur d’ Alene in Harrison, Idaho.  Applications are being taken through March at Castingforrecovery.org

Other events in June will be on Saturday afternoons. At the events, FFI will host basic casting classes for women, plus offering the bronze medal challenge course for women to test their skills.  These casting events will be free of charge with a limited number of participants. Masks will be required and participants will be asked to practice social distancing. Participants will need to bring their own rod, reel and line.  Event sites will be in the Pullman, WA. / Moscow, ID. area. Exact locations will be announced later.  Registration will be during May by e-mailing me at 22seaotter@cableone.net