Washington FFI is grateful for your donations during GiveBig Washington. We raised $4,740 from donations during the two-day event. That amount will cover our pandemic losses and give us the capital to re-launch in-person events this fall. Thank you. 

A special thanks goes to the directors of Washington FFI who a month ago banded together to create the $3,000 matching fund. Many of you were attracted to donate knowing your dollars would be matched. The people who made that possible were the directors of the Washington Council including Larry Gibbs, Robert Gerlach, Carl and Maura Johnson, Jim Athearn, Peter and Kelly Maunsell, Kuni Masuda, Sam Matalone, Carol Anderson, Dave McCoy and Steve Jones. Their generosity helped make our GiveBig campaign a success. And we can’t end the thanks without thanking photographer Dave McCoy who shared a library of his professional images with the Washington Council for use on social media and email. Thank you Dave.

And we want to thank all of you, all 21 affiliate clubs and the nearly 800 members of the Council in Washington and Alaska. You make this council a success and your donations are an investment in more success in the future. Thank you.

Tight lines from Washington FFI.