Washington FFI has created three programs to provide affiliated clubs in Washington and Alaska with help developing Zoom meetings focused on teaching and improving fly tying skills for their members. The program consists of three separate levels of engagement. Affiliated clubs are welcome to contact the online tying team to use part or all these programs. 


For clubs that have already launched their own online fly tying group, the Washington Council can lend a hand by providing a knowledgeable tier to demonstrate a specific fly or provide a step-by-step hands on fly tying instruction for club members. Clubs that have started online tying groups report members are grateful for the interaction, but the club has few members—or maybe only one—with the camera technology and ability to lead. Now you can call on FFI to provide an occasional tier to help. Clubs can request a specific type of fly or a particular fly to be demonstrated or taught. (i.e. classic feather wing, steelhead fly, dry flies, damsel fly etc.) For this program contact Sam Matalone at sam@matalone.us.






The Washington Council can help any affiliated club develop or improve their own online tying groups. One of our council members can walk a club through the entire process of creating and launching an internal club tying group or tying instruction class. It’s best if the club has its own paid Zoom account. The Council will allow clubs to use its account to get started for a few months. Clubs need to purchase camera equipment and software for about $100. It will take 10 to 20 hours for initial set up and testing. The Council can provide recommended meeting formats and other details as well. For this program contact Neal Hoffberg at nealhoffberg@gmail.com.




The Washington Council has the ability to host scheduled Zoom Fly Tying mini-shows if clubs and their members are interested in attending. The frequency and scope of the program would depend on interest. The shows would feature a few flies and tiers that would demonstrate a fly beginning to end, but the programs wouldn’t be classes. Of course, tiers would take questions and they will pause to discuss key details, but they will not provide step-by-step instruction. For this program contact Sam at sam@matalone.us or Steve Jones at president@wscffi.org.

Thanks to Sam and Neal for creating these programs. Sam is a Council Director and the Council’s long-time Webmaster. Neal is a member of the Washington Fly Fishing Club and leader of its online tying group. Both are savvy with online tying technology including cameras, lighting and perspective. And both are accomplished fly tiers that have taught online, so they understand the process and the pitfalls. 



Neal Hoffberg

Sam Matalone