We are fortunate in Washington to have a big community of dedicated fly fishers and even better yet, a number of them that want to help lead our Washington Council of Fly Fishers International. Peter Maunsell, a member of the Northwest Fly Anglers club and Alpine Fly Fishers club and a current Washington FFI director, has chosen to run for a second three-year term on the Washington Council leadership. Thanks Peter. In addition we have three nominees for new terms as directors: Jim Black of the Olympic Fly Fishers, Marion Hiller of the 4th Corner Fly Fishers and Ryan Smith of The Avid Angler fly shop in Lake Forest Park. These three nominees will replace retiring directors Claude Kistler, Jay Woodbury and Dave McCoy. All three directors made important contributions to Washington FFI and we thank them for their service. The result of the changes is that there are four openings on the board and four nominees to fill the positions.

Later this month, you will receive a ballot by email from the Washington Council. Please open the email and cast your vote to help keep the Washington Council growing into the future. The director nominees are:

Jim Black

I have been fishing my whole life. Fishing started for me in the 60’s in Tacoma. My dad was in love with the outdoors and fishing was a big part of what we did. I built my first rod in the 60’s and have tied flies since then also. My biggest passion in fishing is casting. Lefty Kreh taught me a dynamic Roll Cast at a trade show back in 90’s and when we got done told me that I would love fishing even more if I improved my casting. I took that to heart and worked on improving my casting. I got my Casting Certification from the FFI and am working on my Masters. I now provide a free casting lessons to members of my fly club, Olympic Fly Fishers of Edmonds, and I teach casting to individuals. For the last two years I have volunteered at the FFI Casting Fair running the Casting Challenge. I also coordinated the volunteers for the 2023 Fair. Along with fishing I have worked with TU to measure water culverts for fish passage and restore streams. Thank you for your consideration of my application.

Marion Hiller

A Washington state native and former middle school teacher, Marion grew up with a father who was an avid fly tier and fisher, sharing his knowledge exclusively with his two sons. In time, after the passing of her father, she became the caretaker of a family fishing camp in Montana, where she slowly grew a desire to become an independent and knowledgeable fly fisher. This led her to joining a local fly club. There, encouraged by a fly fishing friend, she sought out Fly Fishing International, and eventually become a certified casting instructor in 2022 where she is able to use her skills and passion for teaching. Since receiving her certification, Marion has provided instructional support to the Nooksack Salmon Enhancement, the Fourth Corner Fly Fishers, the Washington State Council of Fly Fishers International, an after school fly fishing class at a local middle school, and other youth camps and friends.

Ryan Smith

Ryan has been working since 2003 at The Avid Angler fly shop in the Lake Forest Park north of Seattle, and owner since 2011. In over 20 years of helping at the shop Ryan has overseen all aspects of the business from marketing and accounting to education. Besides the retail operation, Ryan and his guides at Avid Anglers provide guide services, tools and knowledge for all levels of fly fishers. Ryan is an FFI Certified Casting Instructor and has a bachelor’s degree in biology from Colorado College.

Peter Maunsell

Over the past 45 years I have become enamored with fly fishing and rafting. I will hike and float anywhere to catch any fish. I really enjoy multi day camping on the Northwest’s white water rivers. The longer the trip the better. I have learned to tie flies through reading and watching others.