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This blog is being setup to help get the Washington State Council Fly Fishers International (WSCFFI) website 100% functional with information that is of value to our members . If you encounter a problem, have a suggestion or find any typos, at the bottom of the page is section where you can Reply to us.


thanks in advance for all your help



Tasks Status Resp
BOD member who interfaces with affiliated clubs, we can post some their information our site  Pending Carl Johnson
Need to verify club information Home>About US>Affiliated Clubs

Non Affiliated and patches/Logos have been removed from the site

 Completed Carl Johnson
Need to improve photo gallery  12/01/2017 Sam Matalone
Need to know who is managing our Facebook Page, we can do a better job at integrating  Completed Bill Wheeler
Decision of Tiers Section on Website  Pending Allison/Jeremica
Decision on Casting section on Website  Pending Pat Peterman
DO we want a Calendar of events on the site  Status Jim Maus
Need to transfer all archives files to new site  11/15/2017 Sam Matalone
Can we get some people who want to learn to update the site (it is very easy)  somewhat completed Jim, Carl, Larry have agreed to SO FAR
 Sponsor Letter has been Updated/update the intro  Completed  Larry Gibbs
 Start Using the New WSCFFI Logo  Completed  Sam Matalone
 VP Education has been changed to Vacant/Don Simonson added as Director at Large  Completed  Sam Matalone

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