Bristol Bay: No Place for the Pebble Mine. You Can Help!

  • Bristol Bay: No Place for the Pebble Mine. You Can Help! For the last three months, hunters, anglers and supporters of Bristol Bay have signed the petition that calls on President Trump to deny Pebble its key federal permit. Well, time is nearly up. With the Army Corps of Engineers [...]

Good Advice

  •     In politically charged times its often difficult to know what facts are real and what “facts” are generated, manipulated or misinterpreted to support a particular point of view.  The Covid-19 Pandemic is one of those times.  As a retired physician, it is perhaps a little easier for me [...]

Covering the Dirft May 2020

  •     The coronavirus is invisible and indifferent to individuals. It only becomes apparent when it hits us. Now we recognize the consequences on health, families and our daily routine and wellbeing and social distancing to control the virus often means we can’t fish with friends, or in some states [...]
  • The Washington State Council of FFI is very interested in the Pebble Mine in Alaska. For many years our members and council directors have been concerned with the mine proposal and our concern is growing.  It appears that a decision could happen either this year 2020 or in early 2021. [...]
  • Thanks for Voting Members of the Washington Council of Fly Fishers International re-elected seven directors and added Dave McCoy as a new director in the election of officers in June. In total more than one-fifth of the members of the Washington Council cast ballots. That was the largest number of [...]
  • National Women’s Fly Fishing Day – The crew at Emerald Water Angers is launch-ing National Women’s Fly Fishing Day on June 27, 2020. The goal is to create a sin-gle day dedicated to encouraging the presence of female fly fishers every-where. Women are invited to link up with other female [...]

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Hugh Lewis to present “Fly Fishing – Beyond the Sport”

  • Avid fly fisher and conservationist Hugh Lewis will give a talk entitled “Fly Fishing – Beyond the Sport” on July 9 at 2:00 in Special Collections (Wilson Library 6th floor). This event is free and open to the public. Western Libraries Heritage Resources 2019 Summer Fly Fishing Speaker Hugh Lewis [...]