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  •       Many of you remember Pat. She was the first VP of Education while I was President.   She passed away on March 17th. Carl Johnson She will be missed.   Pat was a [...]

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President’s Column, …the rest of the story

  •        Welcome to the Washington State Council of Fly Fishers International website. If you did not hear earlier in April 2017 the organization changed the name from International Federation of Fly Fishers to Fly Fishers International. We will be developing a new website this summer (well after our Fair in early May). If you have any suggestions as to what should be included please contact either myself or Jim Maus. I hope you find the website easy to use and informational. As we get ready to enter 2017 and look back on 2016, I hope many of you had some wonderful fly fishing memories. For me, my wife and I spent the summer (2 1/2 months) in Alaska. We had a wonderful time seeing the sights and doing a little fishing. I also had the opportunity to visit the Alaska Fly Fishers, attending their meeting in July and Spey Clave in August. My wife and I enjoyed ourselves and hope to go back some day. I have posted a few pictures in the photos gallery if you are interested.   Right now the Council is beginning the preparation and promotion of the 2017 Washington Fly Fishing Fair, our 11th year [...]

2018 Washington Fly Fishing Fair

  •   A unique opportunity  to obtain a skillfully built Bamboo Fly.   There is a limited number of Raffle Tickets remaining, approximately 100. The rod is built by Steve Foisie of Fall City Washington.   [...]
  •         Dear Fly Tier,   Every year a group of fly tiers from as far away as Texas come to share and learn the craft of fly tying in Washington State. The [...]
  •   Committed TYERS we will update as more tyers sign up   First  Last  City  State Featured Flies Chet Allison Spokane WA Peacock Herl Flies Jim Athearn Spokane WA Balanced Nymphs Chuck Ballard Des Moines [...]
  • DO you want to learn to improve your casting skills, well you are looking in the right place. This year we have a great group of Certified Casting Instructures willing to help!!! The cast seminars were [...]
  •       Reserve campsites now for May 4-5 Fly Fishing Fair in Ellensburg   For members thinking of camping in Ellensburg at the Kittitas Valley Event Center (Fairgrounds) May 4 and 5 for the [...]

Register for the 2018 Washington Fly Fishing Fair

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Thomas Lamphere Interview

  • This is an interview with Thomas Lamphere, who will be one of many skilled fly tiers sharing their knowledge of fly tying and fly fishing at the Fly Fishers International Washington Council Fly Fishing Fair [...]

Winter 2017 Covering the Drift newsletter

  •   Leader’s Line December 2017 Looking forward to 2018———- Karen Royer has been a featured tier at  the Washington Council  Fly Fishing Fair in Ellensburg.        Here it is December a time for looking back and forward. Looking forward I realize that I am in the final 6 months as Council President.  Some days it seems hard to believe that I have been in this job for almost 12 years.   It has been a fantastic ride with a lot of changes, the biggest being the name changes from Federation of Fly Fishers to International Federation of Fly Fishers to Fly Fishers International.  I am very pleased at the direction that is now being taking with FFI. I think that the FFI will be in a stronger position in the fly fishing world into the future.  I also believe that the Washington State Council is growing. Looking forward, the [...]
  • Conservation  Science, the fisherman’s friend By Jack Whitney A steelhead resting in cool water at the mouth of the Little White Salmon in 2016.   Most of what I have read recently has been educational.  Knowing what is going on with our anadromous fish has been a crap shoot.  Some of what I hear makes sense, but most of it doesn’t.  There are a lot of opinions out there that are not backed by good science. So, when I find something that is backed by good science I save it, but just saving it doesn’t do anybody else any good.  This column is about a few things that I thought were worth reading.   The first article came in the form of an email written by Joe Dupont, Clearwater Region Fisheries Biologist.  Joe’s subject was titled “Explanation for a poor steelhead A run 2017.” His article is about four pages [...]
  • Joe DuPont, Clearwater Region Fish Manager, Idaho Department of Fish and Game explains the current status of steelhead in the Clearwater. This article is used with the permission of Idaho Department of Fish and Game. The article is well written an provides insight to the numerous factors which determine the Steelhead returns. Joe writes: After sending out that e-mail last week about our poor steelhead A-run, one of the most common questions I got was, why would this run be so poor?  Instead of responding to each of you individually, I promised I would dig into this issue and response to everybody this week.  I probably dug into this more than I should have and may bore some of you with all my graphs, but I wanted to make sure I answered all the questions that people were asking.  It’s important to keep in mind that as you read through [...]
  •       Reserve campsites now for May 4-5 Fly Fishing Fair in Ellensburg   For members thinking of camping in Ellensburg at the Kittitas Valley Event Center (Fairgrounds) May 4 and 5 for the FFI Washington Fly Fishing Fair be sure to make reservations as early as possible. Fees in 2018 will remain the same as the past year at $30 a night for full hookups and $20 for dry campsites. For more details contact FFI member Robert Gerlach at rwg@anewds.com. Online registration through the Washington Council FFI website will open in late January.              
  • NW Youth Conservation and Fly Fishing Academy History – by Mike Clancy It all started with idea of the founder, Dick Nye, a retired Tacoma middle school music teacher.  Preparations for the Academy started in 2002 with Dick attending a youth camp, the nationally acclaimed, award winning Pennsylvania Rivers Conservation and Fly Fishing Youth Camp in Boiling Springs, PA.  After 2 years of preparation, Dick conducted the first Academy on Hicks Lake in Lacey, WA. at the Gwinwood Christian Community Center in 2004. The Academy is a youth education project of The Washington Council of TU, and is made possible with the help and support of the Washington State Council of the FFI, and supported by the members of The Puget Sound Fly Fishers of Tacoma, Olympia Chapter of TU, the South Sound Fly Fishers of Olympia, and the Fly Fishing community. Dick Nye retired after the 2008 Academy.  Jim [...]
  • NW YOUTH CONSERVATION AND FLY FISHING ACADEMY – by Mike Clancy   The Academy class of 2017. The new year has arrived and the Washington Council of Fly Fishers International is in the planning stage for its 2018 Fly Fishing Academy. We will be accepting applications from students  beginning January 1, 2018 for another wonderful event for girls and boys, 12 to 16 years old.  It’s an opportunity for these kids to learn about conservation and fly fishing. Students will spend the week of June 24-30 at Gwinwood Christian Community Center on Hicks Lake in Lacey, WA.  They will enjoy clean, warm cabins with showers and comfortable bunks.  All meals and fly fishing gear is provided. Our goal is to open the door to the future in conservation and fly fishing, regardless of financial means, for any serious minded youth. The applicant must write and submit by April 15 an [...]
  • A few good friends needed Many of us joined Fly Fishers International because we thought we could improve our angling by associating with others who shared our passion for fishing and the outdoors. Every day spent with a good friend on the river or at the tying bench we gain a little knowledge, our world gets a little bigger and our appreciation for the sport goes a little deeper. The same can be said for this organization. Time spent developing FFI in our state raises the profile of our sport and right now your Washington Council is seeking new directors to help with statewide education and membership programs. Beginning in July, the chapter also will need a new treasure to manage finances in the years ahead. Washington Council membership has stabilized at between 900 and 1000 members statewide.  The council board is seeking new vice presidents for both Education and [...]

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