Banquet planned for 2020, while we’re at work on a new fair for 2021 

  •     The Washington State Council (WSC) celebrated our 13th Annual Fly Fishing Fair in Ellensburg last month, a great tradition started by Carl Johnson. The fair is the key fundraising event that this year has allowed us to provide $5,717.52 to other nonprofits. During the year we made donations to Casting for Recovery, Coastal Cutthroat Coalition, Olympic Peninsula Fishing Innovations, University of Washington Aquatic and Fishery Sciences, Inland Empire Fly Fishing Club for the Rocky Ford sign project and the Northwest Youth Conservation and Fly Fishing Academy.  This sum was a combination of direct donations and auctioning off items at the fair where we supplied the dinner event and the auctioneer. We should all be very proud of those significant contributions. It is impossible to underestimate the importance of the volunteers at the Fair.  Thank you everyone!!  A special thanks to Carl and Maura who provided invaluable support, knowledge and hard work.  There were demonstration tiers, casting instructors, seminar presenters, people and organizations that donated items for the auctions, Peter Maunsel and his group that sorted and displayed mounds of donated items for raffles and both live and silent auctions.  Larry Gibbs has been generating funds throughout the year with rod and reel raffles.  There were people who kept track of the camping fees, set up tables, moved chairs, put out power lines, and swept up about a billion pounds of feathers after the hall was cleared out.  It’s impossible to thank everyone individually in a short article.  But wow, what a lot of support. Unfortunately, like many other FFI Councils, we have been seeing a decrease in fair attendance. The attendance decreased in spite of a vigorous Social Media campaign by Steve Jones and Sam Matalone and a stellar Celebrity Fly Fisher in Gary Borger. Lower attendance also [...]

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  • There’s a bit of legend around cutthroat trout.    Most people think of cutthroat trout as a Rocky Mountain fish common to mountain lakes beneath glacial cirques, or a small stream fish living among boulders, or a big water fish in places like the Yellowstone. But if you’re talking about populations of cutthroat that migrate in hundreds of rivers, with dozens of spawning populations and numerous individuals growing to 16, 20 even 24 inches in size you’re only talking about one place: tidewater in the Pacific Northwest.      Coastal cutthroat, or sea-run cutthroat, swim in water from Prince William Sound in Alaska south to California’s Eel River and one of their traditional sanctuaries has been the protected tidewater of Puget Sound. Four million humans have also come to enjoy the protected tidewater environment of Puget Sound and their numbers are growing by about 60,000 annually. All those people have [...]
  • The deep skill and commit-ment of members of the Washington Council of FFI was on full display at the 2019 Fair in Ellensburg.  From the $5,700 raised and dedicated to conservation and dona-tions to the outstanding fly tying and casting instruction our council put its depth and devotion on full display.  There were earnest discus-sions of inviting young fishers into our sport, developing our member-ship and recognizing the leaders who got us here. The Council’s annual Awards are our way of thanking grassroots leaders for their commit-ment and their donations of dollars and hours. Awards are thanks for a job well done and an invitation to other members to step up and share the mission.                  
  •   Newly elected Washington State Council FFI Director at Large  2019         Trisha Campbell Campbell’s passion for fly fishing runs deep. She loves to help other’s experience its joys. Trisha is pursuing a Casting Instructor Certification. She has served as Participant Coordinator for the Northern Idaho/ Eastern Washington chapter of Casting For Recovery for 9 years and Fly Fishing Instructor for CFR Washington for 2 years. She has instructed for 5 years with Kelly Creek Flycasters Women’s Clinic, 3 years at the Fly Fishers International (FFI) Women’s University and 7 years with Idaho State Juvenile Corrections Fly Fishing program. Trisha is currently the Treasurer for FFI Western Rocky Mountain Region and she is looking forward to serving the Washington Council as well.     Sam Matalone   I grew up in Northern California and started my passion for fly fishing at the age of 11. I was [...]

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Hugh Lewis to present “Fly Fishing – Beyond the Sport”

  • Avid fly fisher and conservationist Hugh Lewis will give a talk entitled “Fly Fishing – Beyond the Sport” on July 9 at 2:00 in Special Collections (Wilson Library 6th floor). This event is free and open to the public. Western Libraries Heritage Resources 2019 Summer Fly Fishing Speaker Hugh Lewis [...]

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