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Welcome to the new Washington State Council Fly Fishers International website. (WSCFFI) We developed the new website due to the name change from International Federation of Fly Fisherman to Fly Fishers International which happen earlier this year. While making the name change we decided to improve the website. Using data obtained over the we developed the website to be able to provide you the user with quicker access of important information. The web site is completely functional, but some of the content needs to be updated to reflect upcoming events. So please bear with us as we update the site. If you encounter any issues, there is a blog where you can write comments concerning the website ( on the top menu bar Website Updates). Once you access the Website Update page, there is a reply section where you can inform us of issue, required changes or further improvements. Your comments will not be posted until they have been read and approved. ( we have had some people wanting us to post questionable material) Rest assured, we are invested in making this website work for the all our memebers/clubs.

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  •        Welcome to the Washington State Council of Fly Fishers International website. If you did not hear earlier in April 2017 the organization changed the name from International Federation of Fly Fishers to Fly Fishers International. We will be developing a new website this summer (well after our Fair in early May). If you have any suggestions as to what should be included please contact either myself or Jim Maus. I hope you find the website easy to use and informational. As we get ready to enter 2017 and look back on 2016, I hope many of you had some wonderful fly fishing memories. For me, my wife and I spent the summer (2 1/2 months) in Alaska. We had a wonderful time seeing the sights and doing a little fishing. I also had the opportunity to visit the Alaska Fly Fishers, attending their meeting in July and Spey Clave in August. My wife and I enjoyed ourselves and hope to go back some day. I have posted a few pictures in the photos gallery if you are interested.   Right now the Council is beginning the preparation and promotion of the 2017 Washington Fly Fishing Fair, our 11th year [...]

2018 Washington Fly Fishing Fair

  •         Dear Fly Tier,   Every year a group of fly tiers from as far away as Texas come to share and learn the craft of fly tying in Washington State. The [...]
  •    Pompadour Salmon wing           Last years workshop with Steven Fernandez was absolutely fantastic. I was not able to attend the workshop but I visited with Steven during one of the [...]
  •     Last year we had over 20 Free Seminars on various topics ranging from “Tricks of the Trade Lefty Taught Me” to “Bedrock Bass: Oregon’s Umpqua River” and this year we are planning to [...]
  • DO you want to learn to improve your casting skills, well you are looking in the right place. This year we have a great group of Certified Casting Instructures willing to help!!! The cast seminars were [...]

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What is the Washington Fly Fishing Fair?

The annual WA Fly Fishing Fair is one of the premier fly fishing events held in Washington. 2018 marks the 12th anniversary of the event. The Fly Fishing Fair is a two day fly fishing education event that attracts fly fishing enthusiasts and new-comers from around the northwest. The Fair is designed to be a major educational opportunity for anyone interested in fly fishing. Proceeds from the event provide the annual funding for WSCFFI operations and help support our education and fly-fishing related conservation efforts in Washington. (Read More…)

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Summer 2017 Covering the Drift newsletter

  •   Leaders Line   Thanks to our Volunteers I hope that many of you were able to attend our 11th Annual Fly Fishing Fair this past May. I thought it was an outstanding event. The Board has already begun planning the 12th Washington Fly Fishing Fair on May 4th and 5th in Ellensburg. I look forward to seeing you there! I want to thank all the volunteers who help make this year’s event a success. This includes all of the Certified Casting Instructors who provided the casting demonstrations and workshops, the seminar presenters, the fly tiers, and those who helped with the event, whether running the casting games, working the registration desk, helping with the auction and raffle or elsewhere. We could not do this event without you. THANK YOU! The Fair sponsor Frank Amato Publications deserve special thanks and I would like to encourage them to sponsor the 12th Annual Fly [...]
  • Joe DuPont, Clearwater Region Fish Manager, Idaho Department of Fish and Game explains the current status of steelhead in the Clearwater. This article is used with the permission of Idaho Department of Fish and Game. The article is well written an provides insight to the numerous factors which determine the Steelhead returns. Joe writes: After sending out that e-mail last week about our poor steelhead A-run, one of the most common questions I got was, why would this run be so poor?  Instead of responding to each of you individually, I promised I would dig into this issue and response to everybody this week.  I probably dug into this more than I should have and may bore some of you with all my graphs, but I wanted to make sure I answered all the questions that people were asking.  It’s important to keep in mind that as you read through [...]
  • Every year the weekend before Mothers’ day, the Washington State Chapter of the Fly Fishers International (WSCFFI) puts on a fly fishing fair in Ellensburg. The money made at the fair is returned to the fly fishing community through educational programs and conservation grants. The event started with volunteers’ dinner given as a thank you to those helping with the event.  Each board member contributed two desserts to be sold at the dinner.   Each table collected donations for the desserts and the table with the greatest contribution received first choice from the desserts.  Second largest table contribution got second and so forth. This netted over $900 for conservation and education efforts around the state.  The event draws together hundreds of Washington fly fishers for classes and demonstrations.     Top Left Vern Jeremica doing what he does best Far Right David Paul Williams tying for a teenage audience Al Wood [...]
  •         At one time or another most of us have walked to the edge of a river or lake and asked ourselves, “Can I fish here?”             Washington fisheries managers are taking several steps to make it easier to answer that question. This fall the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife will release an app for Apple and Android smart phones that will provide site specific information about fishing rules on rivers and lakes statewide. In addition, fisheries managers are reviewing dozens of fishing rules with the  goal of making  it easier to know when you can fish in every part of the state.                To keep anglers informed on the proposals, there will be a series of public workshops said Craig Burley, Fish Management Division Manager.             In August, the department will seek public input on proposed simplified rules at a series of public workshops [...]
  • The following members are running for election to the chapter board in 2017.  Look for an electronic ballot in your email in July. The ballot will be hosted on the Survey Monkey online polling Web service.     Robert Gerlach-Director My passion for Fly Fishing began in 2001 when I met my wife. I picked up a spey rod very early on and put all other forms of fishing aside. I have since become a Certified Casting Instructor and I spend many hours teaching fly casting to youth throughout the Pacific Northwest.           Jay Woodbury-Director Jay is a medically retired USMC combat veteran who became the Deputy Area Coordinator of Project Healing Waters in 2007. He took up fly fishing and tying in 2006 and has two flies published in the Fly Tying Journal and one fly on display at a museum in New York’s Catskills. [...]

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    Our sport is a challenging and enjoyable way to fool fish, and if skill and luck coincide, we play and handle our quarry properly and release them to live in a place we love. A [...]
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    No matter where you are on your fly fishing journey, Puget Sound FlyFishers will help you get what you need to get you where you want to go  
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    November 8 Program Joe Dupont IDFG Regional Fishers Manager”Status on Steelhead: How This Led to the New Rule Change” Program put on by the Clearwater Fly Casters Best Western Plus University Inn 1516 Pullman Road, [...]